Past Meetings, Presidents, and Themes

PDF copies of the programs are available for some years below.


New Orleans, LA Steven Sewell, History, College of the Mainland The Social Sciences Are Under Assault: What Can We Do to Defend Ourselves?

Fort Worth, TX Salli Vargis, International Studies, Georgia State University – Perimeter Democratic Backsliding: Social Sciences on the Erosion of Democracy in the U.S. and Abroad

San Antonio, TX Israel Nandamudi, International Studies, East Texas Baptist University Global Pandemics and Dynamics of World Affairs: Politics, Economics, and Technology

New Orleans, LA Cynthia Creedy, Sociology, University of North Texas 100 Years and Counting … Breaking Boundaries in a New Century
2020 (no meeting held, originally planned for Austin) Cynthia Creedy, Sociology, University of North Texas (meeting not held due to COVID-19 global pandemic)

San Diego, CA Pascal Ngoboka, Economics, University of Wisconsin-River Falls Social Transformation: The Role of Academia
2018 SSSA Program
Orlando, FL Lydia Andrade, Political Science, University of the Incarnate Word It’s a Small, Small World
2017 SSSA Program
Austin, TX Patrick Barr-Melej, History, University of Ohio Social Science and Social Change
2016 Las Vegas, NV Glenn Melancon, History, Southeastern Oklahoma State University Social Science and Public Conversations
2015 SSSA Program
Denver, CO Rogelio Sáenz, Sociology, University of Texas at San Antonio Latinos and the Change of a Nation:  Implications for the Social Sciences
2014 SSSA Program
San Antonio, TX Tahany Naggar, Economics, West Chester University of Pennsylvania The Evolving and Everlasting Social Sciences
2013 New Orleans, LA Gary Copeland, Political Science, University of Oklahoma New Social Media and Life, Politics, and Society in the Early 21st Century
2012 San Diego, CA Eddie Weller, History, San Jacinto College South Striking Gold in the Social Sciences:  Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
2011 Las Vegas, NV Ray Darville, Sociology, Stephen F. Austin State University The Transformative Power of the Social Sciences
2010 Houston, TX Douglas Eckberg, Sociology, Winthrop University E Pluribus Unum: Integrating Our Scholarship
2009 Denver, CO Abdul Turay, Economics, Tougaloo College Investing in the Social Sciences: A Hidden Gem in Higher Education
2008 SSSA Program
Las Vegas, NV Harold Bass Jr., Political Science, Ouachita Baptist University Place Your Bets:  Approaches to Engaging the Social Sciences
2007 Albuquerque, NM Michael Collins, History, Midwestern State University Expanding Borders and the American Southwest
2006 San Antonio, TX Joseph Stewart Jr., Political Science, Clemson University Good Social Science
2005 New Orleans, LA Dudley L. Poston Jr., Sociology, Texas A&M University The Application of the Social Sciences
2004 Corpus Christi, TX Betsy Jane Clary, Economics, College of Charleston The Social Sciences as an Instrument of Policy Formation
2003 San Antonio, TX Patricia A. Hurley, Political Science, Texas A&M University Taking Stock: Assessing the State of Knowledge in the Social Sciences
2002 New Orleans, LA Janet Schmelzer, History, Tarleton State University Moving Forward:  The Challenge of Diversity
2001 Fort Worth, TX Rose M. Rubin, Economics, University of Memphis 2001: A Social Science Odyssey
2000 Galveston, TX Larry Lyon, Sociology, Baylor University Continuity and Change in the New Millennium
1999 San Antonio, TX Clint Johnson, Economics, University of Central Arkansas Small Planet:  The Southwest and a Changing World
1998 Corpus Christi, TX Robert L. Savage, Political Science, University of Arkansas Evolution, Devolution, or Revolution: Past, Future and the Social Sciences
1997 New Orleans, LA Cary D. Wintz, History, Texas Southern University Looking Backwards:  The Social Sciences View the Twentieth Century
1996 Houston, TX Elizabeth Esterchild, Women’s Caucus, University of North Texas The Social Sciences and the 21st Century
1995 Dallas, TX Charles M. Bonjean, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin History and the Social Sciences
1994 San Antonio, TX Kathie Gilbert, Economics, Western New Mexico University Multiculturalism and Societies
1993 New Orleans, LA Ruth S. Jones, Political Science, Arizona State University The Social Sciences:  Agents for Change
1992 Austin, TX Amos Simpson, History, University of Southwestern Louisiana 1492-1992; New Worlds, New Directions, New Challenges
1991 San Antonio, TX Leon C. Hallman, Geography, Stephen F. Austin State University Global Change: Investigation, Understanding, Survival
1990 Fort Worth, TX Marie Marschall Fuller, Sociology, Texas Women’s University Into the Twenty-First Century Public Policy, Social Systems, and Patterns of Living
1989 Little Rock, AR David E. R. Gay, Economics, University of Arkansas Vanishing Borders: America in the World Community
1988 Houston, TX Ellis Sandoz, Political Science, Louisiana State University Social Science, the Scientific Revolution, and the American Founding
1987 Dallas, TX Brison D. Gooch, History, Texas A&M University The American Constitution’s Effectiveness After Two Centuries
1986 San Antonio, TX William B. Conroy, Geography, New Mexico State University Human Rights and the Quality of Life
1985 Houston, TX Charles Tobert, Sociology, Baylor University The Implications of High Technology for the Social Sciences
1984 Fort Worth, TX Alex Kondonassis, Economics, University of Oklahoma (theme not available)
1983 Houston, TX Samuel A. Kirkpatrick, Political Science, Texas A&M University The Public Mind
1982 San Antonio, TX Lawrence L. Graves, History, Texas Tech University The Sunbelt in Transition
1981 Dallas, TX Jerry B. Michel, Sociology, University of Memphis Democracy in Conflict: Bureaucracy, Justice, Liberty
1980 Houston, TX Donald Vermeer, Geography, Louisiana State University Environmental Disruption: Implications for Society
1979 Fort Worth, TX Barbara S. Reagan, Economics, Southern Methodist University Economics, Politics, and Social Change
1978 Houston, TX William S. Livingston, Political Science, University of Texas at Austin The Role of Social Scientists in the Development of Public Policy
1977 Dallas, TX R. John Rath, History, Rice University (Conference themes debuted in 1978)
1976 Dallas, TX W. G. Steglich, Sociology, University of Texas – El Paso
1975 San Antonio, TX James Reese, Economics, University of Oklahoma
1974 Dallas, TX Jewel. L. Prestage, Political Science, Southern University
1973 Dallas, TX Lorrin G. Kennamer, Geography, University of Texas at Austin
1972 San Antonio, TX Ben Procter, History, Texas Christian University
1971 Dallas, TX Oliver Benson, Political Science, University of Oklahoma
1970 Dallas, TX Hiram J. Friedsam, Sociology, North Texas State University
1969 Houston, TX Francis B. May, Business, University of Texas at Austin
1968 Dallas, TX Raymon V. Lesikar, Business, Louisana State University
1967 Dallas, TX Alfred F. Chalk, Economics, Texas A&M University
1966 New Orleans, LA John E. Kane, Economics, University of Arkansas
1965 Dallas, TX John W. Morris, Geography, University of Oklahoma
1964 Dallas, TX Joe B. Franz, History, University of Texas
1963 San Antonio, TX Leon C. Megginson, Business, Louisiana State University
1962 Dallas, TX George T. Walker, Business, Northeast Louisiana University
1961 (not available) Stanley B. Arbingast, Business, University of Texas
1960 Dallas, TX Alfred B. Sears, History, University of Oklahoma
1959 Galveston, TX Walter T. Watson, Sociology, Southern Methodist University
1958 Dallas, TX J. William Davis, Political Science, Texas Technical College
1957 Dallas, TX Othel J. Curry, Business, North Texas State College
1956 San Antonio, TX John W. White, Business, University of Arkansas
1955 Dallas, TX Perry F. Boyer, Business, Louisiana State University
1954 Dallas, TX Carl Rosenquist, Sociology, University of Texas
1953 Dallas, TX Herbert Mundhenke, Economics, Texas Christian University
1952 Dallas, TX Vernon Sorrell, Business, University of New Mexico
1951 Austin, TX J.L. Waller, History, Texas Western University
1950 Houston, TX Edwin Foscue, Geography, Southern Methodist University
1949 Fort Worth, TX Stephan Caldwell, Economics, Louisiana State University
1948 Dallas, TX Cortez Ewing, Political Science, University of Oklahoma
1947 Dallas, TX Warner E. Gettys, Sociology, University of Texas
1946 Fort Worth, TX Wiley D. Rich, Economics, Baylor University
1945 (no meeting) Wiley D. Rich, Economics, Baylor University (meeting not held due to World War II)
1944 (no meeting) Wiley D. Rich, Economics, Baylor University (meeting not held due to World War II)
1943 (no meeting) Wiley D. Rich, Economics, Baylor University (meeting not held due to World War II)
1942 Dallas, TX S.B. McAllister, Political Science, North Texas State Teachers College
1941 Dallas, TX Raymond Thomas, Economics, Oklahoma A&M University
1940 Dallas, TX Clarence E. Ayres, Economics, University of Texas
1939 Dallas, TX C.O. Brannon, Economics, University of Arkansas
1938 Oklahoma City, OK James B. Trant, Business, Louisiana State University
1937 Dallas, TX Rupert Richardson, History, Hardin-Simmons University
1936 Fort Worth, TX Arthur B. Adams, Economics, University of Oklahoma
1935 Oklahoma City, OK C.S. Potts, Law, Southern Methodist University
1934 Dallas, TX C. Perry Patterson, Political Science, University of Texas
1933 Dallas, TX James Q. Dealey, Editory, Dallas Morning News
1932 Dallas, TX J.F. Zimmerman, President, University of New Mexico
1931 Oklahoma City, OK David Y. Thomas, History, University of Texas
1930 Dallas, TX M.K. Graham, Businessman, Graham, Texas
1929 Austin, TX H.Y. Benedict, Political Science, University of Texas
1928 Baton Rouge, LA Elmer Scott, Civic Leader, Dallas, Texas
1927 Dallas, TX J.G. Willacy, Senator, Texas State Senate
1926 Dallas, TX W.B. Bizzell, President, A&M College of Texas
1925 Dallas, TX W.M.W. Splawn, Commissioner, Texas Railroad Commission
1924 Fort Worth, TX E.R. Cockrell, Law, Texas Christian University
1923 Dallas, TX C.B. Ames, Judge, Oklahoma Supreme Court
1922 Norman, OK George Vaughn, Senator, Arkansas State Senate
1921 Austin, TX A.P. Woolridge, Political Science, University of Texas
1920 Austin, TX Hernan G. James