Southwestern Sociological Association

The Southwestern Sociological Association (SSA) is a disciplinary affiliate of the Southwestern Social Science Association, the nation’s oldest interdisciplinary social science professional association established in 1919. The SSA promotes the advancement of sociological research, knowledge, teaching, and professional service throughout the greater Southwest and the nation.


SSA Newsletter Winter 2020


SSA Announcements Concerning the April 2021 Meetings


We seek nominations for the Norma Williams Distinguished Service Award for 2019 and 2020/2021. This award is given to an individual who exemplifies the qualities that Dr. Norma Williams inspired, particularly in terms of service to the discipline and to students.

Requirements for nomination:

  • Membership in SSA for at least 10 years, current membership not necessary
  • A consistent record of chairing or presenting papers at the annual meetings
  • Election or appointment to leadership positions in SSA that may include some combination of service as a member of the Executive Council and representation of SSA to SSSA committees
  • Indication of unique contribution to SSA through service that promotes the visibility of the organization, contributes to increased efficiency of operations of the organization, or encourages membership and participation in the organization

Previous Honorees:

2020 – Douglas Eckberg
2019 – Carla Goar
2018 – David Embrick
2017 – Cynthia Cready
2016 – Mark Fossett
2015 – Edwin Rossman
2014 – Charlie Tolbert
2013 – Ray Darville
2012 – Rogelio Saenz
2011 – Janet Huber Lowry
2010 – Dudley Poston
2009 – Robert Beckley
2008 – Elizabeth Esterchild

The deadline for nominations for the Norma Williams Distinguished Service Award is March 31, 2021. Please send nominations to David Embrick,


If you have an article published in the previous year, please consider submitting it to receive the Outstanding Published Paper Award.

If you are presenting a paper at the approaching October meetings, then please submit it to possibly earn the Robert Beckley Award for Outstanding Paper Presented.

The deadline for submissions for these SSA Awards is March 31, 2021. Please send papers to Carson Mencken,


The Southwestern Sociological Association invites nomination of student papers for its annual undergraduate and graduate student paper presented competition. The following Awards are given:

  • Best student paper presented at the Undergraduate Level
  • Best student paper presented at the Master’s Level
  • Best student paper presented at the Doctoral Level


  • The paper must be accepted and listed in the 2021 SSA program, and at least one of the authors must be registered to attend.
  • The paper must have sociological content and focus, but it may be empirical, theoretical, or a critical review of the literature.
  • The paper will reflect standards of ethics, professional integrity, and treatment of human subjects, as defined by the author’s institutional affiliation, the SSA, and the American Sociological Association.
  • The author must have been enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student when the paper was written.
  • Co-authorship is acceptable only if all authors are students. The highest level of education among authors will determine the paper’s award category.
  • No student may author more than one paper submitted in a given year.
  • The paper cannot have been previously published or under consideration for publication prior to its submission to the paper competition.
  • An abstract of 100-150 words must summarize the major points of the paper. The paper itself may not exceed 35 double-spaced pages at 11-point size, including tables, appendices, and references.
  • A nomination letter is required and must be submitted with the paper. Self-nominations are welcome.

The deadline for submissions for these SSA Student Awards is March 31, 2021. Please send papers to Aurelia Lorena Murga,


Southwestern Sociological Association Officers

Office Name Term Began Term Ends
President Elizabeth Kelly 2021 2022
President Elect Theresa Morris 2021 2022
Vice President   2021 2024
Past President Robert Wallace 2021 2023
Past President Maria Cristina Morales 2019 2022
Past President Carson Mencken 2018 2021
Treasurer Warren Waren 2021 2024
Secretary Katie Constantin 2021 2024
Executive Council Richard Harris 2019 2022
Jori Sechrist 2019 2022
2021 2023
2021 2023
Editor SSA Newsletter Heili Pals 2019
Student Representative   2021 2022


SSA Constitution and Bylaws 2008