Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes those who have given exceptional service to the SSSA over a period of many years.

We are pleased and proud to recognize our past honorees:

2024: Tracy Dietz

2017:  Douglas Eckberg

2016:  Hal Bass

2015:  Joe Stewart

2014:  Michael Collins

2012:  Bob and Nita Lineberry

2011:  Dudley Poston

2010:  Patricia Hurley

2009:  Lydia Andrade, Emmett Essin, and Rose Rubin

2008:  Peter Weilhouwer

2004:  David R. Morgan

2003:  Alex Kondonassis

2002:  William Breit

2001:  Charles Bonjean

2000:  W.G. (Win) Steglich

1998:  Ben Procter