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Advanced Placement (AP) Reader

Current AP teachers, active college faculty, adjuncts, and graduate student Teaching Assistants are encouraged to apply. Visit for more information on eligibility requirements.

Join the 20,000+ teachers, teacher assistants, and professors who score millions of AP student exam responses every year.

If you are not currently an AP Reader, apply to become one today. You may be eligible to join the Reading pool if you have taught your AP subject, or a higher equivalent (college level), regardless of years of experience.

Why consider becoming an AP Reader? Our 2023 AP Reader survey shows:

  • The AP Reading experience leads to positive changes in the classroom ― 98% of high school AP teachers and college faculty who have participated in more than one AP Reading say that their participation has had a positive impact on their teaching.
  • AP Readers enjoy the experience ― 97% of AP Readers say they had a positive experience. AP teachers and college faculty enjoy working together and exchanging ideas and experiences.

Additionally, AP Readers can:

  • Earn Compensation ― Readers are paid $30 per hour for time spent training and scoring.
  • Earn professional development hours and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) ― Readers can earn CEUs based on hours worked.
  • Score student responses at a Reading site or score responses from home – Readers who score from home can work flexible hours during the Reading week.
  • Gain exposure to a broad set of student responses ― You will gain valuable insight into the quality and depth of student responses from a range of AP Exam takers, instead of being limited to student work from a single class or single school.

Depending on the AP Reader needs for each subject, we may select you to serve as an AP Reader in the first year that you apply, or you may be considered for future AP Readings.

Click here to apply to become an AP Reader

AP Subjects
African American Studies English Literature and Composition Music Theory
Art and Design Environmental Science Physics
Art History European History Precalculus
Biology French Language and Culture Psychology
Calculus German Language and Culture Research
Chemistry Human Geography Seminar
Chinese Language and Culture Italian Language and Culture Spanish Language and Culture
Comparative Government and Politics Japanese Language and Culture Spanish Literature and Culture
Computer Science A Latin Statistics
Computer Science Principles Macroeconomics United States Government and Politics
English Language and Composition Microeconomics United States History
World History: Modern

If you are currently an AP Reader or have recently submitted an application to become a Reader, there is no need to reapply. Submitting an application does not automatically constitute your employment as a Reader. Limited work visa sponsorships are available for this position.