An Invitation from the Women’s and Gender Studies President:

Women’s and Gender Studies functions as a significant affiliate of the Southwestern Social Sciences Association.  As an affiliate, we believe that our job is to examine issues of social equity, investigate gender and sex in all their nuance and range of expression, question traditionally held beliefs, explore the meaning of self and individuality in light of gender and sex, and ultimately work toward bettering the world as activists in our communities and the world as a whole.

We invite students, professionals, academics, and all engaged individuals to participate in the annual SSSA conference, especially by presenting in a session or roundtable discussion of Women’s and Gender Studies. In particular, we pride ourselves on being welcoming to undergraduate and graduate presenters.  Our sessions are interdisciplinary, intimate, and enthusiastic, and they help forge professional connections for like-minded research and activism.

Please consider joining us for our annual conference in San Diego for the 2019 session.



2018-2019 President
Elizabeth Harmon Threatt, PhD.
University of West Alabama

2018-2019 Program Chair
Gwenetta Curry, PhD
University of Alabama