I would like to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA).  Having completed its centenary year in 2020, the SSSA is the oldest social science association in the United States.  As an organization, we want to bring together academicians, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students to share their research with each other at our 2022 annual meeting.

I am pleased to announce San Antonio as our next avenue, April 20-23, 2022.  Our conference theme is: “Global pandemics and dynamics of world affairs: Politics, Economics, and Technology.”  This meeting has a special significance since we will host special events to celebrate our 100th anniversary which was postponed due to COVID-19.  Apart from these special events, this conference will feature paper sessions, panels, poster-sessions, roundtable discussions, and paper workshopping opportunities.  As our SSSA is a big umbrella organization that includes various areas of interest such as Anthropology, Economics, History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Women’s and Gender Studies, we welcome the presentations of current research in area of special personal and interdisciplinary interest.  We specially invite our retired professionals, graduate and undergraduate students.

Our organization would like to host some special panels during 2021-2022 over Zoom.  Please watch for the announcement!  Please stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic since we are not out of woods yet, and stay blessed!  Hope to see you all in San Antonio in 2022!


Israel Nandamudi, Ph.D.
SSSA President, 2021-2022
East Texas Baptist University
Marshall, TX 75670

Facebook and Twitter:  @SWSocSciAssn