New Orleans 2021 Centennial Annual Meeting Student Travel Grants

The SSSA is pleased to announce the winners of the student travel grants for our 2021 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Honorees will be recognized during the Presidential Plenary Session on Thursday, April 15, 2021, 4:00PM-5:00PM, onsite in Iberville AB at Hotel Monteleone and online. Each recipient will receive an award of $300.


M.S., Behavioral Health Candidate, Tulane University
Tulane Child and Family Lab, Tulane University
SSSA – Sociology affiliate


M.A., Sociology, University of New Orleans, 2020
Ph.D. student and Research Assistant, Sociology, University of Nevada—Las Vegas, present
SSSA – Sociology Affiliate

San Diego 2019 Annual Meeting Travel Grant Awardees

Nicardo McInnis (Economics, Georgia State University)
Sarah Riva (History, University of Arkansas)
Mbuli Clodine (International Studies, University of Buea and University of Regina)
Hajer Al-Faham (Political Science, University of Pennsylvania)
Furkan Cakmak (Political Science, Washington State University)
Christopher Ponce (Social Work, Cal Poly Pomona)
Alonso Aravena Mendez (Sociology, Baylor University)
Annette Donald (Sociology, Westminster College)
Brennan Miller (Sociology, Kent State University)
Yeh Yu-Man (Women/Gender Studies, Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University)