About Us

The Southwestern International Studies Association (SISA) is an affiliate of the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA). The SSSA also features affiliate associations in Economics, History, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as participants from Anthropology and Psychology. The SSSA also boasts the Social Science Quarterly, a highly regarded and well-ranked interdisciplinary journal published by Wiley-Blackwell. We invite you to join our association, share your work with a welcoming and collaborative community of scholars and students at our annual meetings, and help us celebrate the social sciences!

News about affiliate members

Great news for International Studies! Congratulations to:

  • Israel Nandamudi (East Texas Baptist University), the current President of the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA) in office since the April 2021 New Orleans annual meeting, and
  • Salli Vargis (Georgia State University), President-Elect, who will follow Israel as president, beginning her service as SSSA President in 2022.

Current Officers

Haroon Khan, PhD
Professor of Political Science
Department of Social Sciences
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR
(870) 230-5241

Program Chair
Stephen Phillips, PhD
Professor of History and Political Science
Department of Political Science
Belhaven University, Jackson, MS

(601) 965-7036