Affiliate(s): Southwestern Social Science Association

SSSA 2022 Presidential Keynote Address Speaker Dr. Thomas Preston recently gave a presentation for the Foley Institute entitled “Crisis in Ukraine.” The presentation was uploaded to YouTube and is available to the general public at this link.

Dr. Preston offered background on the events leading toward Putin’s decision to invasion of Ukraine, including Russia’s view as an “existential threat” of NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe. He also gave his insights into Putin’s worldview and how it colors his decision-making process. Dr. Preston also addressed his view the West’s reaction to this invasion and the potential outcomes of these events, then took questions from those present.

The Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy and Public Service was established in 1995r and is located at Washington State University. Its mission includes public affairs education, engaging students in public service, and supporting academic research on public policy and democratic institutions.