Frequently Asked Questions on the status of the 2020/2021 Centennial Annual Meeting

(This will be updated as news and events develop.)

Will the 2020 Centennial Annual Meeting be held in Austin as scheduled?

The 2020 Centennial Annual Meeting has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its continued presence in the Austin, Texas, area.

We look forward to returning to Austin for a future meeting as soon as we are able.  Our future meetings are scheduled for New Orleans in April 2021, for San Antonio in April 2022, and for Fort Worth in March/April 2023.

Will there be an SSSA online meeting in place of the 2020 Centennial Annual Meeting?

With the 2021 Annual Meeting less than a year away–due to our transition back to a springtime meeting–SSSA does not plan to host an online version of the 2020 Annual Meeting.

What will happen to my paper or panel submission to Austin 2020?

We are rolling forward all 2020 proposals to the 2021 Annual Meeting, set for April 15-17 in New Orleans.  If you plan to attend, you will not need to do anything further to your submission.

If you will not be able to make that meeting, you may withdraw your proposal by logging in to the submission platform, selecting submit or edit a proposal and clicking on the “delete” option to the right of the submission title.

When will paper or panel submissions for the 2021 Annual Meeting be opened?

The Call for Papers for Austin 2020 is now the Call for Papers for New Orleans 2021, and it is already open.  The link for our proposal submission site can be found on this page.

When is the deadline for submissions for New Orleans 2021?

A deadline date is not set as of this moment, but we will update the site as soon as one is set.

What will be the requirements for face masks and social distancing measures for New Orleans 2021?

We will abide by all health and safety requirements in place at the time of the Annual Meeting.  We will update this space as more specific and relevant information is made available to us.

Will my disciplinary affiliate of the SSSA hold its own meeting in place of SSSA Austin 2020?

Each affiliate is welcome to put on such programming as it wishes, and we recommend that you contact the leadership of each for further information.  The affiliates will update their websites as they have information to share.