SSSA President’s Message

For nearly 100 years, the Southwestern Social Science Association has brought together professional scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates in the spirit of intellectual growth, collaboration, and collegiality. I invite you to join us for our 97th annual meeting in Austin, Texas, April 12-17, 2017, to avail yourself of both new and traditional formats for presenting research and discussing various aspects of academia. Our Austin meeting will feature panels, roundtables, workshops, and poster opportunities, in addition to a greatly expanded slate of interdisciplinary sessions. We warmly welcome presentations on any topic, period, and geographical area in Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Women’s and Gender Studies, International Studies, Anthropology, and Psychology. Our general theme for 2017, “Social Sciences and Social Change,” encompasses an enormous array of subjects, methodologies, and analytical issues of interest across disciplines. The social sciences capture how and why change has happened and continues to happen, while also evincing and propelling social change. By way of studying the past and the present, and through pondering possible futures, the social sciences together have a vital role in promoting knowledge and understanding amid the complexity and transient aspects of today’s world. We hope that you will join us in Austin to share your work with a community of scholars and students at what is our annual celebration of the social sciences.

Best wishes,

Patrick Barr-Melej, Ph.D.
SSSA President (2016-17)